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 DOC And DPF Cleaning Icon

Get your DPF and DOC cleaned and returned to you the same day with Reflow Solutions' Pneumatic/De-Ashing DPF Cleaning Service.


Perfect if you need fast and efficient cleaning in a pinch, this service is ideal for routine maintenance or after a regen cycle.

If a more thorough cleaning is required, we'll advise you and convert the service to our Bake and Clean Overnight Service.


DPF Filter Cleaning

Say goodbye to the 'set it and forget it' method with Reflow Solutions' DPF and DOC Bake & Clean service.


Our cleaning cabinets are equipped with a camera to ensure our technicians can view every angle of the filter and give extra attention to areas with heavy ash and soot buildup.


Each filter undergoes a comprehensive cleaning process, including pre-weigh, flow test, visual inspection, pin-testing, pre-pneumatic cleaning, an overnight bake at a precise temperature in our specialized ovens, and a final sonic clean. The filter is put through our testing process again. A final inspection report is included with every cleaning to give you peace of mind. 

A diesel engine truck bung

Encountering a seized sensor can be frustrating, but don't worry! At Reflow Solutions, we are equipped to handle the situation.


Our team will always make every effort to remove the sensor and rethread the bung. If necessary, we can also cut off the old bung and expertly weld a brand new one in its place.


With a range of common sized bungs in stock, we are ready to provide you with the solution you need.

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Dust collector filters
EGR Cooler
Volkswagen DPF that has been cut open and cleaned by Reflow

Opt for a sustainable and cost-effective solution with Reflow Solutions' Cartridge and Panel Air Filter Cleaning.


Say goodbye to costly replacements and reduce waste by having your filters cleaned up to 6-8 times. Our air cleaning method uses no harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

We ensure the quality of your filters by conducting pre and post-cleaning inspections, and individually bagging and tagging each one.


Experience the savings and peace of mind that comes with a thorough and reliable air filter cleaning service from Reflow Solutions.

Many DPFs, DOCs, and SCRs come as non-serviceable units but at Reflow Solutions, we have the expertise to open these components, perform thorough cleaning cycles, and weld them back together, ready to go back on your vehicle or equipment. 


A Cut and Weld is ideal for diesel cars, Sprinter vans, off road equipment and light to medium duty trucks. Our Cut and Weld service can save you thousands in replacement filter 


Say goodbye to plugged EGR coolers with Reflow Solutions' EGR Cleaning Service!


Our overnight cleaning process includes a pre-weight, soak in a specialized solution, flush, decontamination, and a thorough internal and external steam clean.


The EGR unit is then pressure tested and weighed to ensure its optimal performance.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with a clean and functioning EGR system with Reflow Solutions.

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