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Bake & Clean Overnight Service


DPF and DOC cleaning

Every filter that comes into our shop is baked in our ovens and cleaned by hand; we do not believe in the “set it and forget it” method.


Our cleaning cabinet is equipped with an upwards-facing camera that allows us to focus on the concentrated dirty spots of each filter.

The location of this accumulation varies by truck and filter, meaning that it is often missed by automated methods of cleaning. With our hands on approach, we are able to efficiently tackle the spots with excessive buildup.

How will routine cleaning of your filters benefit you?

Routine preventative maintenance ensures that your vehicle or equipment is running at its optimal performance.


Here's what that means for you: 

Helps to eliminate unwanted or unscheduled downtime due to filter failures 

Optimizes fuel consumption 

Fewer regenerations 

Reduces harmful pollutants from entering the air- ensuring that your filters are complying with environmental regulations 

Saves you thousands of dollars in new replacement filters and expensive repairs

Other additional highlights of Reflow Solutions' Bake & Clean service include:

9-step cleaning process; which includes baking, cleaning, testing, inspection, and reporting

Less than 24-hour turnaround for local customers

Oversized and odd-shaped DPFs can often be accommodated

Free local pickup and delivery for our customers

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