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Pneumatic Same Day Cleaning


Doc And Dpf Cleaning

This service is perfect for technicians looking to provide fast, pneumatic cleaning as part of their maintenance routine or to de-ash unit after performing a regen. Although we recommend our Overnight Bake and Clean service for the most thorough clean, we have an option if you need your filters back in a pinch.


To facilitate one-stop-shopping we carry a wide variety of gaskets, clamps, NOx and EGT Sensors, and New Replacement DPFs and DOCs. 


In short, our Same Day Service is the perfect solution for your Fleet, Shop or Mobile Mechanic DPF and DOC maintenance requirements!

Benefits of Pneumatic Cleaning:

Helps to prevent ash buildup, which leads to hard sintering and reduces the efficacy and lifespan of your filter

Can assist with troubleshooting and diagnosing other upstream issues

Provides a better visual for the physical condition of the filters

Plus – No need to remove sensors!

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