DPF and DOC Cleaning

Every filter that comes into our shop is baked and cleaned by hand; we do not believe in the “set it and forget it” method.

Our cleaning cabinet is equipped with an up-facing camera that allows us to focus on the concentrated dirtier spots of each filter, sometimes referred to as the “gumball”. The location of this accumulation varies by truck and filter, meaning that it is often missed by automated methods of cleaning.

Other highlights of our service include:

  • DPF and DOC cleaning for light to heavy duty diesel engines
  • 9-step cleaning process, which includes baking, cleaning, testing and inspection
  • Complete final inspection report included
  • Less than 24-hour turnaround for local customers
  • Oversized and odd-shaped DPFs can often be accommodated
  • Recognized dealer for multiple part suppliers
  • Free local pickup and delivery (including weekday evenings and Saturdays) for our Shop and Fleet customers

How does this benefit you?

  • Minimal truck downtime, saving you time and money
  • Replacement parts (if needed) are often available with same day delivery

EGR and SCR Cleaning

ReFlow is properly equipped for cleaning and pressure testing EGRs as well as cleaning most types of SCRs. ReFlow highly suggests cleaning the EGR when doing regular truck maintenance, or when cleaning the DPF and DOC.

Sensor Removal and Bung Repair

It is not uncommon for sensors to strip or seize. ReFlow will always try and remove the sensor and rethread the bung if possible. If rethreading is not an option, we will cut off the old bung and weld a new one in its place for a minimal charge. We currently stock all commonly sized Bungs in our shop.

DPF and DOC Recycling

Reflow will properly recycle any old or damaged DPF & DOC units, keeping them out of your shop and landfills. Give us a call and we would be happy to pick up and dispose of your unit at no cost to you!