Reasons You Need to Use New Clamps After DPF Cleaning

One of the most important steps that over-the-road truck drivers need to take before hitting the highway is to ensure that their DPF system is properly cleaned. And although bake cleaning is necessary to clean the ash from this inside of the unit, there are external components that need to be replaced with every cleaning, such as the clamps and gaskets. Here are the reasons that you need to use new clamps with each DPF cleaning.

Clamps Are Often Over Tightened

If you are not used to replacing the clamps on a DPF device, then there is a chance that you will inadvertently over tighten the clamps. When the clamps are tightened too much it can make them difficult to remove, especially when they have been put through 150,000 miles of varying weather elements. In addition, when clamps are over tightened it can ruin the threading, which could cause a failure of the clamp altogether.

Clamps May Strip During Removal

Threads Can Become Stripped When They Corrode.
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A common problem during the removal of the V-clamps that are used to hold the DPF unit in place is thread stripping. The primary reason that clamps strip during the removal process is because they have been over tightened and this causes the threading to become compromised. In addition, there is a certain level of corrosion that occurs with V-clamps when the have been subjected to wet conditions for extended periods of time and this can increase the chances of the clamp stripping during removal.

The V-Clamps are Meant for One-Time Use

V-Clamps on a DPF System are Only Meant to be Used One Time.
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The foremost reason that you need to use new clamps after DPF cleaning is the simple fact that they are only meant to be used one time. This means they are not meant to be removed and then re-tightened after the cleaning process has been completed. As mentioned, there are various factors that will deteriorate the V-clamps, such as weather conditions and moisture, and in the end, this could cause the clamp to fail. While you are having the DPF bake cleaned and the gaskets replaced, you will want to ensure that new clamps are used as well.

To Conclude

There is no doubt that having the DPF cleaned is a great way to increase fuel mileage and ensure that the there is no ash built up within the unit. However, when you are considering a DPF cleaning, it is important to replace the V-clamps that hold the system in place, and also the gaskets. Always consider these reasons that you should replace the V-clamps with each DPF cleaning.


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