Purchasing a Re-Manufactured DPF is a Big Mistake DPF: Earth’s Best Friend

Since diesel engines emit pollutants into the air, new diesel engines have been fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to reduce the amount of impurities in our air. DPFs have become crucial for new diesel cars since the year 2009.

Diesel Particulate Filter Failure

Like any other filter, the DPF will get clogged slowly with the soot that it traps. DPFs need high temperatures to regenerate (clean) themselves. However, due to low mileage stop-start motoring, regeneration may not complete, leading to DPF blockage. Should an orange light be ignored, the engine will lose power and eventually stop. Only if the car is driven at a constant speed, for at least fifteen minutes, the DPF will heat up enough to regenerate

Re-Manufactured DPF: The Worst Alternative to a New DPF

DPFs need replacement after a certain mileage (between 80,000 and 150,000 miles) has elapsed, depending on the usage and proper engine care. A new DPF for a diesel car costs more than £1000.This is why a lot of people these days are buying new aftermarket DPFs to save their money. But most people do not know how harmful this practice can be. Let us explore the risks of re-manufactured diesel particulate filters.

Although buying a re-manufactured DPF saves you up to 65% money compared with the main dealership price, it is nothing but a used DPF that has been cleaned and is being re-sold. Well, do you really want to pay a premium price for DPF cleaning?

Re-manufactured DPFs fail soon

Outwardly, almost all re-manufactured DPFs seem to be the same as any other DPF. The trouble is that one can never be aware of the condition of the DPF core.

Mostly, the core of a re-manufactured DPF has been used to a great degree. This is why a re-manufactured DPF has a short life span.

The truth is you have saved initially on a re-manufactured DPF only to erode your savings as soon as the part fails and demands to be replaced.



Cleaning A DPF: The Best Alternative to Re-Manufactured DPF

Cleaning a DPF will cost less than a re-manufactured DPF and offer the same end result. Avoid exchanging your DPF with a re-manufactured part. Simply get your DPF cleaned and avoid costly downtime of your vehicle.

When a DPF cannot be cleaned, it is worth the investment to buy a new one.

Keep your vehicle on the road with Re-Flow Solutions

To clean the DPF, the filter is taken out of the exhaust system and put in a special cleaning chamber. Re-Flow Solutions is your diesel particulate filter specialist. We provide DPF cleaning for light, medium and heavy-duty diesel engines. We bake, clean, flow test and inspect all units of a DPF. Moreover, we also offer DPF cleaning for smaller diesel cars. Contact us today for our affordable DPF cleaning service.

DPFs from Re-Flow Solutions are newly built and do not have core charges. Our DPFs have undergone extensive testing and are guaranteed to work well. Order your DPF now

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