Pneumatic Clean DPF/DOC Same Day Service

ReFlow Solutions can you for your pneumatic DPF and DOC cleaning ReFlow Solutions will pick up and return your DPF and/or DOC on the same day with our Pnuematic/De-Ashing DPF cleaning Service.

This service is perfect for technicians looking to provide fast, pneumatic cleaning as part of their maintenance routine or to De-Ash unit after Doing a Regen.

  • helps prevent ash buildup, which leads to hard sintering which eventually shortens the life of your filter.
  • helps troubleshoot and diagnose other upstream issues
  • better understand the condition of the units with our diagnostic inspection report
  • Plus – No need to remove sensors!

To minimize downtime and facilitate one-stop-shopping: We carry a wide variety of Gaskets, NOx and EGT Sensor, Flex and Bellows Pipes and New Replacement DPFs, DOCs, & SCRs.

If it’s determined a more complete cleaning is required, We will advise the customer and convert the cleaning to our Level 2, Overnight Service (bake and clean). We then return them to you the next business day!

The benefits of our Same Day Service Include:

  • reducing turnaround time
  • helping prevent hard sintering from forming
  • extending the life of the filter

In short, our Same Day Service is the perfect solution to your Fleet, Shop or Mobile Mechanic DPF and DOC maintenance requirements!