What You Need to Know About Diesel Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter is a key component for any fossil fuel driven engine, and this is particularly true in regard to diesel engines. Air filters help to remove dirt and contaminants before the air reaches the engine, thus preventing catastrophic issues. However, over time, air filters become clogged with debris and this reduces their effectiveness. Here is some information on what you need to know about diesel air filter cleaning.

Inspection Process

During the Inspection Process, the Air Filter will be Checked for Tears and Pinholes.
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The first phase of air filter cleaning is the inspection process. During this process, the filter media will be evaluated to ensure that the filter itself is suitable for cleaning. In most cases, a high-powered light is used to check for imperfections, such as tears and pinholes. Using a light also helps to keep the filter from being damaged during the inspection.

Air Filter Testing

The Testing Phase is Used to Determine the Viability of the Filter.
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Once the filter has been inspected, it will move on to the testing phase. The testing phase requires the use of a manometer, which will measure pressure fluctuations as air is passed through the filter. These measurements can then be compared to standard operating criteria in order to determine the quality of the filtration media. Testing will also indicate whether the filter is fit for service.

Cleaning Solutions

The final stage of air filter cleaning involves the use of a dry-cleaning machine. Dry-cleaning machines utilize several vacuum nozzles to pull debris from the filter, while the filter remains sealed in a cleaning chamber. This helps to ensure that the entire filter has been properly cleaned and is ready for use, and this includes both the inside and the outside of the filter.

Always Consider Air Filter Cleaning

Changing air filters can be an expensive undertaking and one that can be avoided by having the filter cleaned. In turn, your truck will increase its fuel mileage rate and run more smoothly. And although there are a few steps in the cleaning process, each is vital in ensuring that the air filter will function properly. The filter will first need to be inspected for tears and other imperfections. From there, it will be tested for unwanted drops in pressure. After the filter has been inspected and tested, it will be cleaned in a vacuum chamber, thus removing dirt and grime from both sides of the filter. If the air filter in your diesel truck is not functioning at full capacity, then you will surely want to consider having it professionally cleaned.

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