Mobile Filter Cleaning Service

With our new, state-of-the-art Mobile Shop, ReFlow Solutions can now come to you for your pneumatic DPF and DOC cleaning needs!

This service is perfect for technicians looking to provide fast, on-site pneumatic cleaning as part of their maintenance routine.

  • helps prevent ash buildup, which leads to hard sintering
  • helps troubleshoot and diagnose other upstream issues
  • better understand the condition of the units with our diagnostic inspection report
  • Plus – No need to remove sensors!

To minimize down time we also arrive on-site with a full supply of gaskets and clamps to help complete your job and get your truck or heavy-duty equipment back up and running fast!

If it’s determined a more complete cleaning is required, we’re happy to bring those units back to our shop for our Level 2 overnight service (bake and clean). We then return them to you the next business day!

The benefits of our Mobile Shop service include:

  • reducing turnaround time
  • helping prevent hard sintering from forming
  • extending the life of the filter

In short, our Mobile Shop is the perfect solution to your Fleet, Shop or On-site DPF and DOC maintenance requirements!