Greener Businesses Attract Public Support; Why Retrofitting Your Fleet Pays Dividends In The Long Run

Pollution on the Rise

As the amount of roadway traffic grows yearly, the need for greener alternatives and implementation also intensifies. The strict government standards regarding emissions evolves on a regular basis, and many companies are beginning to follow suit. Finding ways to gain public support and grow your business while doing your part in the environmental issues at hand has become a two-fold endeavor. What measures can you take that will meet government regulated standards, and build your public profile?

There are many retrofit items you can install post factory that will meet and exceed government regulations. The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) is a proven choice for many heavy duty diesel owners. This aftermarket retrofit is a pollution controlling device that uses a chemical process to break down harmful emissions. The stainless steel casing houses a ceramic honeycomb substrate that is coated with a material which causes a chemical reaction with harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, gaseous hydrocarbons, and sulfates. The contaminants are absorbed within the carbon particles, and less toxic components are emitted.

Car Pollution

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Making the Change to Sustainability

Taking the appropriate steps in outfitting your fleet with emission controlling add-ons, is a fantastic way to take that first step in becoming a sustainable, environmentally friendly enterprise. We all understand and recognize the damaging effects of pollution on our health, our children’s health, and the environment. There are more studies than we can count that prove this unfortunate branch of the transportation sector. 1/3 of NOx emissions and ¼ of particle matter emissions come from heavy-duty trucks and buses.

How does making the decision to retrofit your fleet with Diesel Oxidation Catalysts equate to more public support and perhaps a more profitable bottom line? Green initiatives can lead to a reduction in overall costs as well as higher sales. Many businesses are demanding their affiliates follow sustainable practices and as a result, those affiliates are reaping the rewards. When your fleet becomes greener, your pocketbook grows as well.

Gaining Support, Clients, and Contracts

Showing you are a sustainable business is great for marketing. There are large corporations like Wal-mart that will only deal with companies that are trying to demonstrate sustainability. Going Green is no longer a hippie movement. It has become a global movement, and individuals and business alike are taking a stand. Diesel Oxidation Catalysts are an integral step in taking that position and exceeding federal guidelines for fuel emissions. When you can showcase your efforts to potential clients, you can reap the rewards of gaining business,  attracting customer support and maximizing your profit.

DOC’s only take a small amount of time to install, and the initial investment will pay itself off quickly. Take the steps today to start gaining traction in the public eye as well as in business growth. Being environmentally sustainable does not have to affect your bottom line!


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