Benefits of having proper maintenance of DPF New standards set for diesel vehicles

What role does the DPF play?

A Diesel Particulate Filter is located within the exhaust system to capture small soot particles and prevent them from being released into the atmosphere. The DPF’s role is to clean up particulate matter in an environmentally friendly way.

But being a filter, after all, it needs periodic emptying and most of it is done automatically through the process of regeneration. In this process, the captured soot particulates are burnt off.


Is regeneration enough for filtering the DPF?

Is hitting the regeneration button enough for the proper maintenance of DPF? Regeneration only burns up combustible particles, while the non-combustible materials are still left behind in this filtering process. So the answer is No! The right cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filter takes place when the DPF is removed from the automobile and put through a special cleaning process by an expert.


Why proper maintenance of DPF is essential?

The regen cycle is a great invention and vital to combust much of the accumulated particulate matter. However, when it comes to getting noncombustible materials filtered, there are people in British Columbia who tend to act lazily!

But do you know how much the remaining residue can damage your engine! Well, a lot! How?

Here’s how…In the DPF, the left out particles:

  • create back pressure that increases regeneration downtime
  • affect the vehicle by reducing its horsepower
  • impact the fuel economy negatively
  • damage the filter

And, finally, the engine starts getting damaged.


Whether it is your pick-up truck, Tier 4 Equipment or heavy-duty diesel engine  DPF cleaning is crucial. An unmaintained DPF runs your equipment unnecessarily hard and less efficient, so, it’s time you get it perfectly maintained!


Here are 6 benefits you can enjoy with regular DPF maintenance:

  • Increased Fuel Economy up to 5%
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Longer DPF Life
  • Optimized DPF Performance
  • Less Unwanted Downtime
  • Lower Overall Maintenance Costs


Maintenance of DPF is recommended every 6 months to 1 year (Intervals vary by usage). Save a lot of dollars & time by getting your DPF cleaned- the first time right. Get your DPFs absolutely clean in one go! Restore your DPF to nearly new!

If your Truck or Equipment DPF remains dirty after a DPF cleaning service, your fuel economy will reduce, costing you a lot of dollars with each mile driven. Get a really clean DPF and save ample amount of money spent on fuel & time spent on the regeneration process.


Also, get air filter cleaning done from time-to-time so as to avoid costly replacement of the filters.

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