Bill M232 — Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2017

For many decades, researchers, scientists, intellectuals and environmentalists have been debating the bad state of air pollution that the planet has got into. Presumably, this air pollution will continue to worsen with the increase in vehicular air pollution.

Tiny, sooty particles released by the diesel engines have led to premature deaths and many health issues. Keeping this in mind, in 2009, diesel particulate filters (DPF’s) became a mandatory component for all diesel automobiles.

All was going well in the province – people were driving DPF installed vehicles, and the air pollution was being kept in check until people started committing the sin of removing DPFs from their vehicles. There were some compelling reasons why people made such an attempt:

  1. Removal of DPF was appealing to the owner since the harm caused by a blocked DPF led to expensive repairs.
  2. Removal of DPF reduced the need for maintenance and replacement of the filter.
  3. Removal of DPF meant lower consumption of fuel.

Though beneficial for the vehicle, such a move was extremely harmful for the environment.

According to Paul Clark, Managing Director at European Exhaust and Catalyst, DPF removal is a risky deal to seal. He stated, ‘Not only will it invalidate car insurance and potentially fall under the veil of tax evasion due to low emissions based road fund licensing, but it can damage the performance of the vehicle as well’.

To keep your expenses under control, you should get the DPF in your vehicle regularly cleaned to save yourself from the cost of buying a new one.

Considering the downsides of removal of DPF, the B.C. government has revised the Motor Vehicle Act that makes tampering with the emission systems in the vehicles a punishable offence.

A Brief about the Latest Bill That Amended the Motor Vehicle Act

Since the inception of The Motor Vehicle Act, the Act has been revised for a number of times to make the air safer to breathe.

This time, the bill introduced in the legislature focused on amending the Motor Vehicle Act by eliminating the interference with emissions control devices in motorized vehicles. With this alteration to the Act, the BC legislation would be able to stand in the same stead as that of Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act and the Clean Air Act in the United States.

The Key Points of the Act are:

  1. One should not drive an automobile in which there is no device incorporated to minimize the discharge of contaminants by the diesel vehicle.
  2. Nobody is permitted to remove the emission system installed in the vehicle to avert the release of any pollutant into the atmosphere unless permitted by subsection (6).
  3. In the case of impairment of the device installed, the owner is required to get it repaired or replaced.
  4. Breaching of this section by any individual is an offence that makes him/her accountable to pay a penalty of not less than $50 and not more than $5,000.

Ensure you abide by the rules and regulations of the Bill M232 — Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2017 to make sure the air we all breathe in is pollution free.

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