DPF & DOC Cleaning

Every filter that comes thorough out shop is baked and cleaned by hand, we do not believe in the “set it and forget it” method as our competitors. Our cleaning cabinet is equipped with an up facing camera that allows us to focus on the dirtier spots or the “gumball” of each filter, that is often passed over by other methods of cleaning.

  • DPF & DOC cleaning for light to heavy duty diesel engines
  • 9-step Re-Flow Cleaning process
  • All units are baked, cleaned, tested and inspected
  • Comprehensive clean and quality control
  • Complete inspection report included
  • Less than 24-hour turnaround for local customers
  • Oversized and odd-shaped DPF’s can be accommodated
  • Free local pickup and delivery


Reflow is properly equipped to clean and pressure test EGRs as well as clean most types of SCRs.


It is not uncommon for sensors to strip or get seized, we will always try and remove the sensor and rethread the bung if possible, if rethreading is not an option, we would then cut off the old bung and weld a new one in its place. We have 14 types of Bungs in stock.

DPF & DOC Recycling

Reflow will properly recycle any old or damaged DPF & DOC units, keeping them out of your shop and landfills.

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